Add a new service

You can add your own services to the service pattern library and tell us what common patterns they use.

This might be what the service is called in your service directory, in your communications or on your website. But also think about what a user might be looking for from a service.

For example, ‘Register a birth’, ‘Apply for a Blue Badge’ or ‘Report a flood’.

Describe the different steps that happen when someone uses this service.

Example of 'Register a birth' steps: Book an appointment > Pay

These are common interactions and tasks that have been identified as steps of this service. For example, ‘Check something’ or ‘Register for something’.

You can select more than one pattern below.

This is a new way of considering a service in relation to life events of a user (and as such it’s a provisional list that builds on this LGA example ).

For example, ‘Registering a birth’ or ‘Planning a naming ceremony’ could be grouped together under the life event of ‘Having a baby’, while applying for employment could be under ‘Getting a Job’.

Select all that apply or leave blank if none are relevant.

We’d like to get a sense of where different services sit in different types of organisations. For example, you can tell us whether a service is in a county, borough or district council.

Services can sit in more than one organisation.

A transactional service is a direct interaction between the council and a service user. It should be low complexity, and typically won’t require any additional or face-to-face interventions. A non-transactional service is typically made up of multiple and different types of interactions over a longer period of time.

Your details

We’re asking for your name, your email address and the name of the organisation that you work for. This is so that our moderators can follow up with you if they have a question about the services you have suggested. It might be that we need a little more detail to complete the entry.

If you have any other comments, queries or suggestions about LocalGov Patterns, then you can email us at: [email protected]